Webcast-Frontiers of Endoscopic Surgery


The course features live POEM & ESD cases by:

  • Haruhiro Inoue, an ESD pioneer and global “father of POEM”, POEM & STER/EFTR.
  • Pinghong Zhou, the highest volume POEM operator and “first-in-humans” EFTR/STER pioneer and live ESD.
  • Naohisa Yahagi, the pre-eminent ESD master in the world.
  • Sergey Kantsevoy, will demonstrate western approaches to colonic ESD.
  • Stavros Stavropoulos, Course Director demonstrates use of the Lumen-R device and western approaches to POEM, ESD and EFTR including hybrid knife and Overstitch techniques.
  • Chris Gostout, NOTES visionary and thought leader is the master of ceremonies providing masterful commentary and guidance to the live operators and audience.


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March 23, 2018

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